Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Ultimate Star Ajith affectionately called Thala

The Ultimate Star Ajith affectionately called ‘Thala‘. He was favor among many young Stars including Simbu, Jai and Nakul.The list is getting bigger and stronger by the day Goes

Most young actors in Tamil cinema declare Ajith as their favorite hero. Jai who is currently enjoying tremendous success told that his favorite star is Ajith and even goes on to say that he talks to The Ultimate Star Ajith frequently..

Little super star Simbu has declared many time that he is a fan of Ajith. he is going to release a film ‘Silambattam’ sooner that would showcase him as an Ajith fan.

and so many young stars declaring that they like Ajith, here come the Sana Khan, the heroine of the Simbu starrer ‘Silambattam’ has expressed that “ I have become a great fan of Ajith” and she added ‘I became a big fan of Ajith’ after watching ‘Billa’ and ‘Aegan’. ‘My dream is to do a film with the ‘Ultimate Star’..the list is getting bigger and bigger ….Ajith mania is rising in the kollywood..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My College Symposium

These Pictures are taken In my College Symposium, When We was working For a trial in morning

This was our college second symposium.. we did so many special program. one of the best was “Fm08“..

we did the hard work..and it really paid off.

so many of them came and appreciated our work.

i was pushed in two jobs ..

one is “Fm08” and second one i designed an animation intro for our college Symposium.

i had a wonderful experience was new to me!! i am excited !!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Arctic and Antarctic Marine Life

The Arctic and Antarctic Ice oceans have revealed a trove of secrets to Census of Marine Life explorers, who were especially surprised to find at least 235 species live in both polar seas despite a distance of more than 13,000-kilometer distance in between.The scientists had found marine life that in Both Arctic And Antarctic poles apparently share in common things include marathoners such as grey whales and birds, but also worms, crustaceans, and angelic snail-like pteropods, the latter discoveries opening a host of future research questions about where they originated and how they wound up at both ends of the Earth.

Among many other findings, the scientists also documented evidence of cold water-loving species shifting towards both poles to escape rising ocean temperatures. Chionodraco hamatus, an Antarctic ice fish, can withstand temperatures that freeze the blood of all other fish types.
These discoveries result in series of landmark.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Best e-mail Service provider

There is a tough Competition between yahoo and Microsoft… but now there is another competitor in the race. it is google

Microsoft is the first largest e-mail service, with 283 million users

Yahoo is the second largest e-mail service, with 274 million users

Gmail is the third-largest e-mail service, with 113 million worldwide users as of September according to comScore.

Google announced Tuesday it is adding video and audio chat to its free e-mail service, joining Microsoft and Yahoo in a race to make communication on the Web a more social experience.

Both Microsoft and Yahoo offer video with their instant messaging services, but have not integrated it into e-mail.

Last month, Yahoo announced it was providing programmers the software instructions they need to write applications that can extend the features of Yahoo mail. Ash Patel, executive vice president of the audience product division, said the goal was to help hundreds of millions of users “communicate better and get more done.”

Microsoft has also been upgrading its communication platform, known as Windows Live

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Latest News-Is ajith 50th Film is with k.s.ravikumar?

Film Name –> “Vishwaroobam

Director –> “K.S.Ravikumar”

Music Director–> “A.R.Rehmann”

Productions–> “A.V.M”

Special Aspect–> “6 Different Roles Played by THALA”

Landmark–> “Ajith’s 50th film”

Heroine–> “Bollywood Actress Deepika Padukone”

Main Character–>”Blind Man”

These are the information i got by searching through the net..i guess these information might true..

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Pondicherry(Puducherry) Trip

Usually we use to plan a lot for a trip but nevertheless it has worked out. Similarly last Monday we planned for a trip to Pondicherry. But I had a feeling that this plan was organized well. As per our plan all my friends gathered at bus stand. We then boarded a bus to Pondicherry.

We reached Pondicherry by 5pm. Then we all headed towards the prestigious Gandhi beach and had lots of fun, just the same thing we usually do. We took some interesting photographs at the beach.

The clock ticked 8pm; we went to a hotel and had our dinner. We booked a room and stayed there for the night. We then noticed the sun rays striking our face, it was 7am. We again started from that place and went to Annai Ashram, Consecrate place of mother Annai which refreshes our thoughts and feelings. I am ardent follower of Annai. Then we made our visit to temples, parks and other sight seeing places. The trip was filled with full of joy and those will remain as memorable days of my life. I would like to share my fun filled trip with you all.l…[gallery]

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Top 12 personal firewall.

A firewall is a software running on computer, which inspects network traffic passing through it, and denies or permits passage based on a set of rules.
The following are the top Best 12 rated free personal firewall.
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Top 12 personal firewall.

  1. ZoneAlarm PRO Firewall 2009

  2. F-Secure Internet Security

  3. Outpost Firewall Pro

  4. Prisma Firewall 2009

  5. Norman Personal Firewall

  6. eConceal Pro

  7. NeT Firewall 2009


  9. Webroot Desktop Firewall

  10. ESET Smart Security - Firewall

  11. Injoy Firewall

  12. SurfSecret Firewall

Endhiran Updates

Endhiran film shooting is progressing at a hectic pace. Endhiran is produced by SUN Pictures and stars Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai in lead roles. The film is directed by Shankar and A.R. Rahman creates the music. SUN Pictures has many interesting projects in the pipeline and is raring to produce many more big budget movies like Endhiran in the near future.

According to sources, Rajni is currently in talks with SUN Pictures for a couple of more projects. It is believed that anytime soon a deal worth several crores may be signed between the actor and the production house. wow!! it is great..our superstar Rajinikanth is going to do another 2 films...