Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sania mirza Get engaged to Mohammed Sohrab Mirza

Sania mirza Get engaged to Mohammed Sohrab Mirza. The 23-year-old sania mirza was formally engaged to Hyderabadi businessman Mohammed Sohrab Mirza on Friday.

In an exclusive, by-invitation only function at a Hyderabad luxury hotel, the evening’s celebrations were kicked off with a ceremonial exchange of rings. Sania hadn’t seen her ring, until the moment Mohammed placed it on her ring finger.

Sania was dressed in a dazzling Shantanu & Nikhil, Swarovski-studded ghagra, snugly fit at the hips and gaining in flare around the ankles. Sania had picked the colours for the occasion – emerald green and gold – much in advance.

Sania said We’ve had this choker in our family for 75 years, emerald set in dull gold. It is my mother’s. Before her, it was my dadi’s and I wanted to wear it. The assignment went to Delhi-based Shantanu, who had on a previous occasion attired Sania for an award ceremony, and he responded with an intricately embroidered three-piece ensemble.

Hearty Wishes to Sania mirza